ИЛИ, ЛВЭФ, БВПН // Don't say no immediately 'cause this could sound a little crazy. Could we…burn down the house? No, that's absurd.
Завален работой, учёбой и делами по всем фронтам. Извините, если не пишу тем, кто вообще-то мне интересен, но не является "семьёй"...

В рамках краткого перерывчика прошёл тест, подцепленный в ленте.

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire

Below the surface everyone is pretty complicated. Based on your answers, we think the following three traits are important strands in your personality:

Part of you is gripped by the fear that you’ll launch into something and completely mess it up. The upside of this is wise caution: people are indeed often too rash, whereas you know, by instinct, that holding back can save you. Probably, you feel shame and self-disgust a bit too much. But when you do feel in your element, you act with a wisdom and sensitivity never found in people with thicker skins.

One part of your character is anger in all its forms: frustration, outrage – and when anger is suppressed – bitterness, grumpiness, and bodily aches. Fundamentally, frustration comes from hope: you get upset because you expect your life will be more than a valley of tears. One way to deny aggression is to direct it inwards, as self-criticism. But you’re at your best when you acknowledge anger, and act it out clearly and in a focussed way, with honour.

You love it when everything is neat and tidy: when there is a proper way of doing things, and you can tick things off the to-do list and know where everything is. So others, at times, are to you unbearably sloppy and messy. And you run into things that can’t be ordered (a child, a partner, a colleague at work) which drives you slightly nuts. But your desire for order is a good one when it is focussed where it is needed and when you’re okay with a bit of mess.